88NTX Machine
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The 88 NTX was developed for single cavity production of large surface area parts as well multiple cavity production of smaller components. It is the largest die-casting machine manufactured by Techmire. The 88 NTX machine is capable of reaching a dry cycle speed of 2,100 cycles per hour.

The 88 NTX is equipped with a quick die change system, which allow die changeover of a two (2) slide mold in as little as 15 minutes.

The NTX Series is Techmire’s “premium” range of zinc and lead machines suitable for the widest range of applications in today’s demanding environment, and incorporates the latest advances in multiple-slide die-casting technology. The first NTX machine was introduced in 1999. The NTX Series features high capacity clamping systems, which are extremely rigid, and permit the use of greater metal pressures and injection velocities compared to the NT Series, resulting in superior surface finish and part density.

The NTX Series is complementary to the NT Series, and significantly increases the range of components that can be cost-effectively produced on Techmire machines.


SLIDES Number of Die Motions 2 8
Die Size 8.07 x 10.04 in 205 x 255 mm
Stroke of Each Die Section 3.15 in 80.0 mm
Ejector Stroke 1.75 in 44.4 mm
Maximum Total Die Opening 6.30 in 160.00 mm
INJECTION Injection Plunger Diameter 1.875 in 47.625 mm 1.00 in 25.4 mm
1.25 in 31.75 mm
1.625 in 41.27 mm
Injection Cylinder Diameter 3.25 in 82.55 mm
Injection Plunger Stroke 4.72 in 120 mm
Maximum Dry Shot Speed at 1,000 psi/70 bars* 55 in/sec 1.41 m/sec
Injection Capacity (max.theoretical)* 35.3 oz 1000 g
Shot Weight (max.recommended)* 17.6 oz 500 g
Metal Pressure (max.recommended)* 4500 psi 310 bar
Nozzle Heater 3.2 kW
HYDRAULICS* Hydraulic Line Pressure (max) 1867 psi 128,7
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 30 US Gal 113.5 liters
Clamping Force 45 tons 40.8 tonnes 65 tons 59 tonnes
Dry Cycle Speed / Hour 1200
MELT POT (electric) Heaters 48 kW
Capacity of Melt Pot 1100 lbs 500 kg
Melt Rate / Hour 396 lbs 180 kg
Motor Power 20 HP 14.91 kW

* Dependent upon machine configuration