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Overmolding Machine
Overmolding Machine for Die Casting
Techmire Die Casting Overmolding Machine
Die Casting Overmolding Machine
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Metal Parts with Overmolding


Techmire machines are highly capable of being integrated into turnkey systems to suit your automation requirements and production needs. We can provide you with the contact information of specialist subcontractors with many years of Techmire systems integration experience.

Recent turnkey systems Techmire and its specialist subcontractors completed include:

  • Fully automatic systems to over-mold hexagonal zinc alloy heads on steel screws of various lengths, at a rate of 7,200 parts per hour.
  • Fully-automatic systems to overmold Wheel Weights (5 g to 60g) on clips in Zinc alloy at a rate of up to 3,240 parts per hour. A similar system was utilized for lead alloys (22 NT Techmire machine only).
  • Fully automatic systems to over-mold lead battery terminals on to stainless steel nuts, at a rate of 360 per hour. This system was manufactured for a world leader in the manufacture of automobile and marine battery components.
  • Semi-automatic systems to over-mold zinc alloy hexagonal shafts on to steel drill bits, for use in “quick release” electric drills. The system produces 1,200 items/hour.
  • Semi-automatic systems to over-mold hexagonal nuts on shafts, at a rate of 1,200 per hour.
  • Fully automatic systems for the die-casting of latch cases with an output of over 950 per hour.

Resulting from such achievements, Techmire and its capable subcontractors are recognized for providing solutions to extremely challenging die-casting problems.