Magnesium 88 MGX Machine
Magnesium 88MGX Machine
Magnesium 88MGX Machine
Magnesium Die Casted Parts


Features of the MgX series include:

  • Die size up to 8″x10″ (205x255mm) nominal.
  • Multiple slides, that are independently movable.
  • Shot weight up to 200g (7oz);
  • Adjustable stroke clamping system (for maximum cycle speed);
  • Quick die change system;
  • State-of-the-art forged steel gooseneck, which is electrically heated;
  • Replaceable hardened shot sleeve;
  • Electrically heated nozzle adapter (better temperature stability and longer life than gas heated);
  • Process parameters and shot monitoring system (PPCS);
  • Ingot pre-heating system, capable of automatically feeding two or more die-casting machines;
  • Electrically heated furnace (finer temperature control than gas heated);
  • Melt pot lined with a corrosion resistant coating for longer life;
  • Advanced shielding gas management system;
  • Touch screen operator interface;
  • Full array of safety features.

Techmire’s MgX Series represents current state-of-the-art systems for the multiple-slide die-casting of precision components in magnesium alloys.


Nominal Die Size
inches : 8 x 10
mm : 205 x 255

Shot Weight (max.recommended)
ounces : 7
grams : 200