Techmire offers a complete re-manufacturing service, which is flexible and tailored to the needs of individual customers. Complete machines can be re-built, bringing them back to the original or superior levels of performance. Alternatively, the re-manufacturing of key components, such as crosses and clamping (toggle) systems, can be undertaken. Techmire will even provide a customer with a “loaner” cross if necessary, while their own cross is being re-manufactured.

For customers who prefer to do their own re-manufacturing or upgrading, Techmire can provide kits of parts (e.g., injection and function manifolds, complete with all valves), together with instructions to assist with the project. Techmire will send its technicians to customers’ plants to assist with the more complex elements of a re-manufacturing project, such as re-wiring and testing.

Re-sleeving of goosenecks is one of Techmire’s specialties, as they are thouroughly tested in-house before being shipped back to our customers. This ensures the highest product quality found in the industry.

Techmire also re-builds crosses and clamping systems for its larger machines.