Techmire 44 LCX Die Casting Machine

44 LCX Machine Locking Cylinder


Techmire is introducing the LCX Series multiple-slide, high precision, hot chamber die-casting machines.

These machines are fully automatic, and can be used for the die-casting of zinc and lead alloys.

The LCX Series are general-purpose machines, with a clamping force holding easily 22Ton/20 Metric T.

Featuring a reinforcement ring and direct acting locking cylinders, provides a higher clamping power and holds pressure in center of the die halves, translating in tougher resistance to hold and seal the mold at the parting line.

Fully compatible with existing 44H or 44NT molds and shanks design.


Nominal Die Size
inches : 4 x 4
mm : 101.6 x 101.6

Shot Weight (max.recommended)
ounces : 11.3
grams : 325