Building on its expertise as the world’s leading producer of high speed, multi-slide diecasting machines, Techmire has introduced the multi-slide hot chamber, Lead die casting machine, with insert over-moulding capabilities.
The machines are available in various sizes, with locking forces from 5 to 65tn (or 4.5 to 59 metric ton) and with mold sizes from 2 by 2 inch (or 50.8 x 50.8 mm), up to 12 by 12 inch (or 305 x 305 mm).
Our Lead over-moulding capabilities allows for a fully automated concept which is the most efficient approach to producing Lead battery terminals. This includes, for example, the Lead over-molding of a stainless-steel battery terminal bolt or nut, with the highest degree of repeatability and reliability.
Multi-slide casting has the advantage of parting line injection which significantly improves the shot-weight to part-weight ratio, by eliminating the sprue and reducing the runner system to a minimum.
This results in savings in raw materials, lower energy costs, elimination of secondary trimming operations and faster cycle speeds.
The Techmire machine with over-moulding of battery terminals includes a vibratory feeder system complete with a track orientation system for the inserts.
The production rate is maintained by the constant supply of bolts or nuts which are properly aligned into a rail, waiting to be picked up.
While the mold slides are in motion, all movements are monitored and the injection process includes a process control system, resulting in superior internal part quality.
Once the casting is removed from the opened mold slides, it is possible to automate and immediately separate the runner gating system from the component, thus eliminating the requirement for secondary operations.
The Process Parameters Control system or PPCS, is optional and provides monitoring for up to 24 parameters with upper and lower limit settings for process control.
The PPCS also features a graphic where the complete injection profile and curve can be observed.
In the event that a shot is detected outside the tolerances set in the PPCS, the machine has a directional system to segregate the out of tolerance casting, thus eliminating sorting and secondary operations.
Techmire; the world leader in the design and manufacture of multi-slide die casting machines for precision Zamak, Magnesium and Lead components.