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Upgrade Kits

upgradeTechmire has developed a number of “upgrade kits”, whereby the performance of earlier generations of machines can be enhanced, without the expense of purchasing a new machine. These kits are essentially elements of the latest generations of Techmire die-casting machines, supplied complete with adapters where necessary, such that they can be installed on earlier generations of machines with a minimum of downtime.

The current range of upgrade kits includes:

Upgrade-Kit Available for machine model :
Machine conversion kit from 44 toggle system into a 44 ring with locking cylinders
44 Model H Series and NT Series
Mold lubrication system for conventional High Pressure Die Casting machines and larger Techmire models For Conventionnal machines, NT, NTX
PC based touch screen control cabinet for replacing outdated H-Series cabinet H Series
H13 gooseneck (replacing cast iron gooseneck);
H Series
Automatic NT ingot feeder for H Series or conventional die casting machines H Series, conventional Zn, Al,machines
Replacement of Series H Front Guard with NT Series Guard plus locking safety switch
22H, 44H and 66H
Controller upgrade NT2 for machine Series H or replacement for machine Series NT H Series and NT Series
Stainless steel melt pot (replacing cast iron version on H Series and early NT Series) H Series and NT Series
Single piston gooseneck (replacing double-piston unit), for high-speed applications) H Series, NT Series and NTX Series
Machine conversion from 22 NT to 24 NTX clamping system 22 NT
PPCS ( Process Parameters Control System) NT Series and NTX Series
Closed loop injection control system (replacing the standard injection system) 66NT, 44NTX, 88NTX, 1212NTX
Machined steel injection manifold (replacing aluminum injection manifold) 22NT, 44NT, 66NT, 24NTX, 88NTX
Computer and Techmire sofware upgrade
22NT, 44NT, 66NT, 24NTX, 88NTX
Mold pressurized lubrication system NT Series and NTX Series
Mold lubrication system with independently metered micropump device for the number of spray heads selected
H Series, NT Series and NTX Series
High Capacity Ingot
Feeder for Large Capacity Melting Pot
for Large capacity Melting Pot
Adjustable Toggle Cylinder H Series, NT Series and NTX Series

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